I'm an artist (drawing, performance and other mediums) and author: my research and writing revolve around the questions of gender, self and relationships with others, language and politics. 

I co-founded and run Modèle vivant.e, a transfeminist collective with which I organise and run workshops and events. In the different dimensions of my work, I explore the collective workshop as a space for experimenting with and changing ways of being together. The workshop is the place where we build agency, both individually and collectively. It's also the place and the context for inventing a new form of writing, both verbal and non-verbal, that keeps tracks of bodily presence, otherness and togetherness and expresses my relationship with those around me.

I'm taking part in the Obô project, which brings together artists and researchers to build a sensitive ecology. This Arts-Sciences project, which focuses on biodiversity and the evolution of species, particularly in forest and island environments, will be exhibited in Montpellier (Halles Tropisme, 09/24) and Porto, Portugal (galeria de biodiversidade, 08/25).

I'm working with Actes Sud publishing house to produce a live drawing "subjective score" of the Agir pour le Vivant Festival (Arles).

Teaching in art schools is an integral part of my practice. I teach experimental life-drawing at Strate, École de Design.

I was born in Rodez (Aveyron) and I live in Paris with my daughter Ella. I received degrees from Paris College of Art (MFA Drawing, 2021), Paris Dauphine University (Management, 1994) and Paris Sorbonne University (Political Sciences, 1995). 

I worked for over twenty years in the Internet media sector (Le Monde, Médiapart...) before profoundly questioning my lifestyle and my work and changing.

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Contact: hfromen at gmail.com

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