I am a 51 yo French artist (drawing, performance), teacher and researcher. 

I am the co-founder and I am facilitating Modèle vivant.e, a transfeminist life drawing collective based in Paris. I consider the workshop environment as an inclusive community, a space for exploring collaborative possibilities and enabling collective empowerment. It is also a space and time for me to invent a new writing that keeps tracks of bodily presence, otherness and togetherness.

I was born in Rodez (Aveyron) and I live in Paris with my daughter Ella. I received degrees from Paris College of Art (MFA Drawing, 2021), Paris Dauphine University (Management, 1994) and Paris Sorbonne University (Political Sciences, 1995). I have worked for twenty years in the Internet media industry. 

Get my Bio and resume here (PDF)

Contact: hfromen at gmail.com

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