Irrepressible encompasses my collage works. 

It started tinysmall in a little A6 sketchbook during the Spring2020's first lockdown. I was confined at my place in Paris: not much to complain about except that I couldn't find my way to keep on drawing large scale nor painting. As I bought a Newspaper on a daily basis - but not really reading it (do you?) -, I started looking at those printed pages with news eyes: here were my colors, here were my shapes. 

So I teared them down into pieces. 

I grew frustrated with the size of it all: I went bigger on 100x70cm sheets of paper, then directly on my bedroom wall - the one above my bed was actually the last empty one at my place. 

I kept on working on those collages during my one-month residency @59Rivoli (Paris, France). My main question at that time was to find a way to install them properly. They felt so much better when freed from their original surface - I trully felt I was liberating them when cutting them out from the piece of paper I pasted them onto... 

Lastly, during the second Fall2020 lockdown, I experienced a double epiphany moment - can you imagine? I teared down advertising placards from the street to recompose bigger and bigger forms and bring them back to the street. My personal take on recycling or "catch and release" method: this gave birth to the ongoing No-kill Islands series.

You will find below the different series: from the initial microlandscapes to the bigger ones  and the Irrepressible wallpaper until the No-kill Islands in the streets. 

My continent is ephemeral yet it's getting bigger. 

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